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A healthy mouth leads to better health overall and a longer life for your pet.

About TheVetDentists

When it comes to oral disease or trauma, it’s important to choose a board-certified veterinary dentist to ensure your pet receives quality dental care. Having been certified by the American Veterinary Dental College (AVDC), our pet dentists are animal dental specialists that are equipped with the compassion, knowledge, experience, and technology needed to provide the highest quality care for your pet.

When you bring your ill or injured pet to one of our veterinary dentists, they will perform a complete pet dental examination that includes full dental x-rays and advanced anesthesia. They will be able to form a comprehensive picture of your pet’s oral health and identify any issues that may be causing pain.

However, extensive veterinary dental care doesn’t stop at exams, tooth repairs, treatment, or oral surgery. Our pet dentists also perform thorough teeth cleanings that keep your pet’s oral health in excellent condition. If you are concerned about your dog or cat’s dental health or would like to schedule a teeth cleaning for your pet, contact one of our vet dental specialists in your area.

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